31 days of reflection {day 26} words and thoughts

tumblr_n78m0jkufF1r3uzmno1_500I spent a lot of time this past weekend just reading words and thoughts and I came across some great words with meaning to me. Here are a few that really resonated with me and hit me and my soul! I am sharing these with you. "it all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you."

"Self love - once when I was running from all that haunted me; to the dark I was succumbing to all that hurt unbearably. Searching for the one thing, that would set my sad soul free. In time I stumbled upon it, and inner calm and peace; and now I am beginning to see and believe, in who I am becoming - and all I've yet to be."

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them."

"A season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets it wings, remember that next time you feel alone".

"Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness, the discomfort and letting it be there until some light returns."

"During a storm, hope gives us the ability to look at the things as they are and still be confident that something better is coming."

"One of the most scariest things in life, is when you come to the realization that the only thing that can save you is yourself."

"Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind."

"Pause and remember, at any moment you have the power to say this is enough and radically change the course of your destiny. Have the faith and courage to follow your hears calling."

"After your season of suffering, God in all his grace will restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you."

"Truth is always found in the open, by the way of the light. Living in the open is scary because it requires vulnerability. Nakedness. It requires us to lay down our deeply en-wrenched beliefs that perception is reality and find the courage to be who we are with our whole hearts. It means understanding that what we look for in others is the ability for them to be authentic and vulnerable with us - the same things we try to hide or suppress in ourselves."

31 days of reflection {day 24} sharing my story

share-your-storyWhen I began this blog 5 years ago I never thought it would become a platform for my healing journey. I certainly didn't think it would become what it is today, which is a connection to my healing while allowing connection to others.

When I began writing my blog 5 years ago it was testing the waters of what was to come, and each day I shared a little more, and a little more, and before I knew it, I was telling my story.

It's not easy to be open, it comes with its risks and vulnerability, but what I realized the most is how connecting it can be, and how many others I have connected with around sharing the very things they others were struggling with.

Giving voice and sharing a painful past is not easy, and it takes trust within yourself to be open and vulnerable. The moment you put yourself out there, your heard and seen and sometimes that can be scary - until you realize that by sharing your story, others out there share and have the same story.

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse, a mom, a wife, a friend, a child of god .. and I am still healing!

I have PTSD and suffer from triggers .. but that doesn't define me.

I live from day to day moving through the many results of this .... but I never give up!

I have met some incredible people through my writing; other people who have the same hurts and the same pain that I hold, that I am healing. I have met some people who walk the same path as me, and that helps me to feel less alone on this journey.

As with anything in life it also came with it's struggles as well.

I faced some really hard moments with sharing my story and putting myself out there to be seen - literally. I have paid some consequences for writing my truth and letting myself be seen - and I am still healing those wounds that were created because of that, but the thing is - it didn't stop me! I am still here, writing, healing, being, using my voice to overcome and go above and beyond the old messages.

I may have struggled with some hard consequences of having my blog and using my voice, but those struggles have only made me stronger, write bigger, and use my voice louder!

One of the many blessings of writing through my blog is sharing my writings in therapy sessions with my therapist - because not only am I using my voice to connect with others, but it creates a connection to where I can see my own struggles and share those struggles in the very room I am most vulnerable to my healing.

I look at how far my blog has come, and with all its struggles I am still here writing through them! Sharing my story and being a part of this community of healers is a god given gift and every day I have the ability to use that gift.

Everytime I sit down to write, I hope that it touches one person who struggles to give voice to the pain or the secrets held. I hope that I can inspire someone, or to at least know that "you are not alone". . . you are connected to others who also share the same hurts and the same struggles.

I feel God has given me a gift to touch and be in connection with others and that is what inspires me to write and share my story!

I am blessed that I have that ability every day, even with my own struggles that this blog comes with. Not all great things are easy, but it certainly is worth every thought and every bit of healing it creates in me.

Stand tall and share your story . . . . even if you start off small, every bit of your voice counts!

31 days of reflection {day 16} long road

e85284c779996eed5168fab4d18faa7fI am also using this post for the FMF Friday word (LONG)

"I have traveled a very long, hard road to my present place of healing. I am still often amazed that I have survived both my abuse and myself. My mission is to climb out of the deepest, darkest corners of hell. there is still a life worth living inside me"

My life has been a long long road, both hard and healing. I sometimes wonder if the road will ever be smoother with less hard work for me to endure, but then again, maybe this is the road that God wants me to walk, to learn something from it to make me into a person I am meant to be.

Some days I am tired of the long road, and other days I am up and ready for the fight!

I think one of the comforting things for me is knowing that "God" already knows the path ahead of me, and if he knows that path ahead of me, his love and support is already there.

My therapist has always told me this one quote when I doubt God's support and that is "God is here for us in Minimum protecting but Maximum support" .. meaning, God can support us through the hard, but he can't protect us from others free will and doing.

I have ALWAYS held onto that quote. This road is long, and it's hard, but it's a path worth fighting for and on.

I often wonder if I am on the right path or not, and sometimes I need reminding. I often wonder if I can't continue to do this "healing" thing, and if maybe I should turn my head to it and go in a different direction, but each time I have that though, I feel God turns my head back to the road in front of me; that this is the path I need to be taking.

So today is another day .. another step hold on the path in front of me on this long road that still holds lots of possibilities and I am sure more pain, but a lot more healing. It's good and it's right and I need to trust in God's knowing for me.

I am up and ready for this day!

31 days of reflection {day 15} energy

03416d4da52f067da01c57486c0c2c15A big part of my healing is focused around energy; reading and feeling the energy around me with others and in the space I am in. I saw this write up around energy and I wanted to share it:

"You either drag your energy around with you, affecting and infecting everyone you meet, or you share a cloud of calm and assurance that encourages others to stand a moment and share what you have found. What you bring with you is your choice, your responsibility. It takes practice sometimes but it's worth it for you and everyone who meets you".

Being a victim of abuse I have learned at a very very young age how to read energy from others and pick up on the energy in the room, and sometimes that can be a blessing, and sometimes it can be a curse.

This is something that I work very hard on in therapy. The first question that my therapist will ask me when I come into session is "how does the energy feel", because depending on how the energy feels, will be the outcome of how the session is - or at least that is how it used to be.

In the past month or so, I have learned to trust that no matter what the energy feels like from others, that my own energy is the only one that really matters! if the energy around me doesn't' feel very good, or I am not feeling connected to the person I am with, it's about trusting that no matter what it feels like - nothing has changed about who I am, or who the other person is.

This is probably one of the biggest changes I have made in the past couple of months. I am REALLY focusing on not letting anything outside my own energy and my own trust that the energy I feel around me is not mine to hold but my own.

This has really made a difference in how I work in therapy and my every day life. It has made a HUGE HUGE difference in my healing as well. I am learning to trust that even if the energy around me doesn't feel good, its not mine to hold and to really trust my own sense of self and the good energy I bring about myself.

I saw this quote this morning above "be responsible for the energy you bring", that can also mean don't let others energy bring you down... rise above into your own self and I am still learning that - working with that.

Its still a work in progress, but every day it gets a little easier.

31 days of reflection {day 12} Sunday Psalms

4ea0e3b4466ccb23b237e7a847e036edThis is by far one of my favorite verses from the book of psalms "but as for me, I will always have hope" Psalms 71:14 I truly believe God has gifted us with hope.

Hope is not something we can learn, hope is not something that we can buy or bargain for. Hope is not something seen, but something believed in.

Hope is like the wind, we can't see it, but we can feel it when it hits us.

Hope is something deep inside of us that God gave us from the very moment we took our first breath!

Hope is my anchor on this healing path I have been on for 7 1/2 years now. Hope is something that I truly hold on to, because I believe something better is here for me.

My therapist often asks me "how do you do it?" .. HOPE is always my answer. Hope that something will change, hope that I will move out of the struggles I suffer from. Without hope I don't know where I would be.

Hope is the light when it's dark to the point of being blind.

I will always have hope no matter how hard it gets. Hope is what got me through the many days as a child when I didn't know what the next day would bring.

Hope was my friend and still is to this very day.

I believe hope is what keeps us alive when we feel life is being taken from our soul. It gives us a reason to take another breath when we feel breathless.

Even in the hardest of hardest days, I always have hope.

I TRULY believe GOD is HOPE and HOPE is GOD!

As I walk into and towards another week ahead of me, I will hold strong to the hope that has never left astray! I will conitnue to hold onto the hope that God has gifted me with.

I will hold onto the hope that if things get hard this week, I will know that something is constantly changing within me, and that change will lead to more hope and more healing.

I will walk into this week knowing that "YES" this is hard and "YES" I am working hard through the fight to move out of this isolation I have been in, and no matter what, I will believe in the hope that is here, because GOD created me, and God created hope, and in that - I will love GOD and to love God is to believe in the hope he gives.

Here's to HOPE no matter what is ahead of me.

31 days of reflection {day 10} god will restore

d337982bcdc5809daac6445e8d41120e8 years ago a good friend of mine and a pastor at the church I once went to (before I became Catholic) shared with me this verse from the bible that I will never forget, and that is:

"God will restore what the enemy has taken from you"

I believe this verse to be so true in so many ways for me. I see it happening everyday when God gives me the strength to get up and fight the day ahead.

I see his work when I feel I can't take one more step in the struggle.

I see it in the people he places on my path, and the connection it creates.

I truly believe God works hard to restore whatever damage has been done to our soul, and although it may not always look like what we want it to look like, it's there if you truly believe in it.

I sat here this morning and I wondered "what work has God done in me this week? and what can I thank him for?"

Well I think he helped me to move through a tough week with my husband being gone on a business trip this past week, and safely returned him home to me last night.

I  believe he helped me to be in good connection this week when I felt the moments of disconnection pulling at me, and being able to talk about that with my support and then creating it to be a bigger connection than I thought.

I believe he has really worked hard in my soul this week to take bigger steps on my healing path that I thought possible this week.

I see it, I feel it, I know God is constantly working hard to restore me, and I also know it's on his time and not mine. He knows what my soul needs, I just need to trust his path for me.

So as I sit here this morning writing, I am reminded of that wonderful verse that I was reminded of 8 years ago, and every day, every year I see the work God is doing in me, and for some reason this morning I was reminded of that, and it makes me smile to know he is still working hard in me - I must not lose sight of that, and I thank him for loving me enough to take away all the struggles life has handed me.

What has God restored for you? Do you see his work in you? if not, be patient, he's here, he's always here - trust it.

31 days of Reflection {day 9} care

lonely-heart I am blending in my 31 day challenge and Five Minute Friday tonight! The Five Minute Friday word is {Care} and I am also using the word Care as a part of my 31 days of reflection.


It has taken me years and year to accept support, care, love and connection. I don't struggle to give it, I struggle to accept it.

7 1/2 years ago I walked into therapy and I had no idea what was going to be ahead of me on this healing path. I had no idea that I would ever believe in connection and connecting in care with others.

I always felt love and care was "conditional" .. that it came to me but only at a price. I never knew that care could be something I could freely accept just because for who I am.

When I first began therapy my therapist slowly began to teach me what "safe" touch was. Every session he would pull his chair a little closer to mine. He wanted me to get used to what it felt like to have someone "care" and not "abuse" that care while talking about my past.

Finally one day my therapist was sitting so close to me that he reached his finger out and told me to touch my finger to his, and there I was, making a personal connection while allowing myself to be seen and vulnerable.

It was a safe connection, and I learned so much about personal connection after that big moment for me. I didn't numb out like I normally do when people approach me, and there I was, allowing someone to care and make a personal connection to me.

Here I am 7 1/2 years later and I can accept hugs, accept touch, accept others to embrace me in care and love. It took a lot of time to accept, but I finally realized that I was worth unconditional love, support and connection.

I have been married 23 years and have 3 amazing teenage boys, I have never had an issue loving and caring on them to death, but accepting was a whole different story. I would numb when people gave me hugs or tried to touch me. It took me a long time to trust my husband and even then there were moments I numbed out the past just to be present to the now with my husband.

Today it's so different. Yes there are times I struggle with connection and my self worth, but it's getting better the more and more I accept the care and support.

I realized that its just as important for me to accept love and care as it is for me to give it. Its a slow process, but one that I am embracing more and more.


31 day of reflection {day 8} the feeling of fall

FullSizeRender 4Fall is my favorite time of the year! I am from New Hampshire, born and raised in New England and Autumn time just soothes me! Living in Georgia 9 years now I have to admit, getting in the mood to decorate fall is a little different! The weather doesn't turn until late October, and down here in the south you don't see the color change on the tree's until November!

I am a huge fall decorator, and today I decided to pull out all my bins and put up all my fall decorations - even while it was 84 degree's out.

The photos you see are a little of my fall decorating in the house. I have a lot more, I have really cut back on the amount of decorating I do, I used to have 5 bins filled, but now I decorate just enough to get the feelingIMG_0290 for the season.

The fall time is my favorite time for sweaters, warm drinks, cool sunny days, crisp colder nights!

When I was a photographer one of my favorite things to do was to go out and do photo-shoots of the kids. We spent hours outside getting the perfect shots while letting them just be kids! I miss those times.

Today reminded me of all of that! I took a break from my everyday routine and decided to do something different! It was nice spending the whole day just decorating and being the season of what is to come.

It also helped me to think a lot too. I think a lot when I clean and organize.

I love the feeling after I have spent a day cleaning or decorating and just sitting back and enjoying the feeling of what it brings. The smell of the candles, and knowing I have cleaned the whole house and now can't relax and enjoy it!

Everytime I would walk into a store around this time of the year, I would go CRAZY buying more fall stuff! My husband would say "we already have 5 bins" but what he doesn't understand is, it's nice to change it up a little every year. I love the colors and all the decorations for fall - I will never get enough of that.

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 2

These two photos above are my mantel, this is the part I love to decorate the most. Love the lights with the fall leaves and how it makes the whole thing come together . The lights are dragonflies, which is the sign of summer, but it mixes well.

31 days of reflection {day 7} Deep in Thought

SILENCE2020I saw this quote tonight and it took my breath away! "Go to where the silence is, and say something" . . that is a powerful quote; one that has a thousand meanings to me right now. Silence is often something that overcomes us, but what if we overcome the silence and "say something".

Fear stops us from being and doing, what if we go to fear and show fear no mercy!

Disconnection keeps us alone, what if we go to the disconnection and connect!

What if we go to the very things that stops us from being who we need to be or who we are intended to be, and do the very opposite of what tries to cover us?

I thought about this more.... It opened my mind to many of the things I struggle with. Emotions, anger, fear, shame, isolation ... I wonder what if I go to all these things I fear, and face it? what does that look like? What would it feel like? What if I took my fear of anger and yelled at it!? What if I took this unworthiness I feel about myself and made it feel worthy?

This quote was very deep to me when I saw it, it opens up a whole new image of hope for me. Is it possible to go to the very things that we struggle with and show it the opposite? I can't imagine it being easy, but we can let those things define us, or we can try and beat it.

Sometimes you have to sit and think of what feels worse, feeling the unworthiness, or fighting the unworthiness and killing it with worthiness.

What feels worse? feeling fear, or facing the fear and showing it no mercy?

I am tired of all these things from the past covering me by trying to define me by it's messages. I am tired of the battle of TUG of WAR by my past.

What if I go to the silence and SAY SOMETHING! What if I do that to all the things that pull at me day in and day out.

This quote is going to stick with me all week until I try it on and figure out how to incorporate this into my healing. I have a feeling this is yet another message from God, showing me the outline or me to color in with wisdom.

I smile tonight knowing that God has given me another thing to up to hope and use it as my continued steps forward.

How does this quote fit your life? is there something that you could show up to and show it different in your life?

31 day of reflection {day 6} a little alone

lonely_bird_by_damagedoll-d4tll7mHave you ever been surrounded by a ton of people and still felt a little lonely? That is how I feel today. My husband left on business today for 4 days, and although I am used to him traveling and he is only going away for 4 days, it still leaves me feeling a little sad when he leaves.

I have my teen boys here to fill my days, my oldest son who lives downstairs is is home outside of work, I have support all around me, friends who are just a text away, and a therapist who is always in connection with me reminding me of the goodness and hope all around me - but yet today is one of those days.

Its funny how there are days we are so filled with schedule that we don't even have time to go the bathroom or get a drink, and yet we still manage to feel alone sometimes. I often wonder what that alone feeling means?

is it a void of something not be fulfilled? or maybe it's something inside of us that has nothing to do with not having someone around.

I notice I sometimes feel this way when I have a lot on my mind and have no where to place it - and yet I have a blog that can hold endless thoughts. But maybe it's something bigger than just feeling alone ... maybes it misplaced emotions?

That's the beauty of this healing path I am on, I am learning what all these little things are and what they mean.

Although my husband is on a trip, and my boys have a busy life, and friends scatter with their own lives, the one thing I do know is, I am not alone, far from alone, I have amazing people around me, amazing support, a place where I go and heal and talk about those soft tender spots that need healing, and the best part - I have GOD who never leaves my side. We are never truly alone.

So as I sit here writing this, I feel a little less alone than I did just a half hour ago. I will miss my husband for these 4 days he will be gone, but I will thrive in all the things that around me. I will lean into connection, write, pray, be a mom, and just BE and have some me time.

Have you ever been surrounded by so much grace and still felt alone at time? In writing that, I am sure I am not alone.

31 days of reflection {day 5} looking forward

edad7f6f8e9f9f460b47c7ffe83c0f44This is one of my favorite quotes "turn your face to the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you" That quote holds so much meaning; especially at a time like now.Especially after a great connection Friday and over the weekend - I am ready for the week ahead.

I have decided to take a step back into the gym this week; the same gym that I trained in years ago when I lost all that weight and got healthy and fit.

I have been away from the gym for over a year now, since I began having some health issues and since I emotionally have been isolated from all the things I love to do.

I am going to make this week about looking forward and letting the shadows fall behind me, no matter how tempting it will be to look back on what feels safe.

Sometimes it's hard to step out of the comfort place we put ourselves in when we are going through something hard. The gym used to my sanctuary before I faces some very hard things the past 2 years. I lived, breathed and slept the gym and working out, so taking this step this week to step back in the place that really made me whole physically is going to be a huge challenge forward.

There are also some things I am working hard on emotionally in sessions, on my healing path, and I am excited to see where this week brings me. My hope its filled with more connection, more accepting, more open to take scary big steps right in the middle of the vulnerability - where the healing happens - right in the middle of life's challenges!

I sometimes fear taking steps forward. Steps forward feel vulnerable to what we are comfortable with in the hardness, yes in the hardness we do find comfort - not the comfort we want, but the comfort we know. I am afraid sometimes to take a step out of this year long isolation, because I am afraid that I will get hurt right in the middle of taking those steps, and then what? I don't know if I can take another hit at my already vulnerable soft self.

So, with that being said, this week is going to be about taking one step at a time each day as it comes. I am sitting here Monday morning in front of my therapists office as I have session at 10am, and I am finishing up my blog that should have been posted yesterday.

I will walk in and share my steps that I would like to make forward with him... be open and true and accept the support through the week. That is my plan.. to take one small step back into the life I once knew before it got really hard.

What gives me hope is that, I can sit here and share this and know I am supported. Thank you for listening.


31 days of Reflection {day 4} making time

31d72bf09099c040ea9bb388d48630f8I am a day behind on the 31 day writing challenge. I should be on day 5, but I am sitting here Sunday morning writing day 4, and hopefully day 5 will follow this evening. At first this bothered me. I am normally a structured person when it comes to challenges like this, but a part of me feels I may not have been ready for this challenge coming right off the heels of starting my own Tuesday Link up.

As I thought about it more, maybe it's okay that I got a step behind, this is a writing connection, not a contest for having things on time, and in fact, when you are being true to who you are, no one is perfect, and yes TIME will slip away in the real world.

Maybe a part of the challenge is noticing the flaws with time. Maybe this is my way of seeing just how little I give myself time to write and be with the things I love to be with.

Maybe this was a way for me to see that no matter what, this is what life is ... time gets away, life is busy, we get tired and our body needs sleep, or the laundry needs to be done, or an errand to run, and before you know it's it's 11pm and your dozing off in front of the computer wanting to write, but time won't let you.

When I woke up this morning and realized that I never wrote my day 4 to get myself back on track I thought for a moment "maybe this 31 day challenge isn't for me, maybe I should back out from it" .. but then the part of me that loves to write and loves a challenge saw it a different way - maybe this is a part of the challenge itself.

So here I am.. writing a blog for day 4 about time, and maybe it will help others to realize they are in the same boat and this is yet another part of the connecting. Maybe it was meant to be so I could see how normal it is to not have it all together in a timely fashion - not even close and that's okay because maybe this is good enough.

So in closing on day 4 of my 31 days of reflection, I would have to say this was a great reminder that just because something says we have to do something a certain way, doesn't mean we can't be human right in the middle of it.

It's better to write with truth, than the write just to make a quota . . . . so from now on, I will write and know that I may be behind a day, or even a couple days ahead ... whatever the case may be, it's good enough no matter what it is.

31 days of reflection {day 3} a great connection

c638515b8ff1bb6524ac2a0e47150873*This post is intended for Friday, had trouble posting it yesterday* It has been a while, a long while since I have felt a connection the way I felt connected today in session.

This year has been a long long road; one that held its many challenges and obstacle.

Today in session I began to feel all those old familiar feelings of me coming back, like I am emerging out of the hard year that I have had.

I have to admit, it was a good feeling sitting next to my therapist and reflecting on what the hard year represented and where I am now going forward on this amazing path, and in that I was met with so much acceptance and I felt heard.

I have written a lot about how hard the past 2 years has been for me. I have spoken a lot about how this has effected me and what burdens this has put upon me.. its nice to sit and write about how connected and grounded I feel compared to where I was just a couple of months ago.

This past week alone I have opened up more in therapy than I have in the past year. It was a great connection this week and I truly feel God was present.

I believe God is working truly hard inside of me; to help me move through what the past couple of years has done to me. I truly believe that with all my heart and being. I know it, because I can feel the difference inside of me. Its one of those things that i just know because I can feel it.

I believe God is like the wind, you can't see him, but you can feel him, and he is really creating a connection all around me.

What changed? I think what changed the most for me is, I stopped pushing away and started accepting. I began to trust the love, support and connection all around me, and that led me to hear and see a lot of things I normally would push away.

I look forward to seeing more and more of where this connection to self will lead. It's hard work, and sometimes painful work, but I can see that its making a difference in the way I am able to be in acceptance to the people around me. It's different and good. It's familiar and yet new at the same time.

Here is my reflection on the amazing day I had today, an amazing session that held so much promise and hope going forward on the path to healing.

31 days of reflection {day 2} - self love

cup-of-self-loveToday (Thursday) I had the whole day to myself, I was excited for this day as the week leading up to this day was really hectic and full of so many things. Its important for me to have a day where I can reflect and be of self care. Unfortunately today was not one of those days, today was one of those days that got away from me without any warning.

Today was one of those days where all the hope in resting and having a day for me was far from what it was.

Today was a day where I ended up doing for others and the more and more I sat with that, the more I realized none of the self care I was hoping for and longing for was not going to happen; hence this is the reason why I am writing my 31 Days post late.

Self care and having a day for myself is very important for the busyness of my life. I am trying more and more to give myself those days and realize just how important it is for me to make those days happen.

So, as I sit here and reflect on the day and what it wasn't, maybe I can think about what it WAS, and that is: a day of being supported, loved and cared for. I have amazing people in my life. I have an amazing husband, amazing kids, friends, I have an amazing GOD who never gives up on me. I have an amazing therapist who I worked so hard with on this amazing journey of healing.

I have the ability to write for 31 days and connect with other great blog writers. I am connected even though the day got away from me and I didn't get to do the things I wanted to do - but having the choice to turn that around and make the day what i want it to be.

I have the ability to make the day that didn't work out a new day; a new day of making the best of the time that is here and making it a day of self love.

I am connecting on this day 2 .....just remember how important self care and self love is, no matter what that looks like. Give yourself time to be you and reflect on that in ways outside of your busy life.

I am also using this post to link up with Five Minute Friday on the word NEW!

31 Days of Reflection {Day 1} Welcome

{ my 31 day writing challenge }  Hey Friends ... as some of you know and some may not know, I have decided to be a part of a 31 Day Writing Challenge done by bloggers and writers all over the world. Basically we choose a theme to write about for 31 days and you write a blog everyday for 31 days in October.

I chose to do this because I want to challenge myself to not only write in my blog when the days seem easier to write, but I also want to write when I am struggling to write.

I think being a writer, we sometimes choose to write when the moment is right, and I want to challenge myself to focus on writing whatever is in my heart, that is why I chose the theme "31 days of reflection".

I will be writing a blog everyday reflecting on whatever is here, good or bad, connecting or disconnecting. I will write when I feel great, and I will write when I feel down. That is the whole challenge, and of course to connect with other amazing bloggers out there.

For those who are a huge part of following my blog, I will also still be running my Tuesday at Ten. I will still continue to write about my healing and participate in all the things that I normally do on my blog. That is the beauty of this writing challenge, it's about staying on the same path, while adding a little something extra to challenge us.

This will indeed be a huge challenge for me. Not only to find the words every single day, but to discipline myself to take that time out for my writing every day for 31 days.

I am sure there will be times I am writing 5 minutes before midnight, or I will simply forget and end up scrambling for words last minute, but I look forward to what this will do to my endurance for writing.

So.. here we go! I am using my Day 1 as a introduction to what I am doing on the 31 days of reflection challenge! if you wish to be a part of this and join thousands of other bloggers out there, you can visit 31 Days

I am truly excited to meet the wonderful people in this challenge; people from all over the world who all want to have one thing on common and that is - to connect with others.

See you in day 2!