a little free time

tumblr_mm3li7YpZj1rwlmkeo1_400I have cleared my schedule and I am ready for some much-needed down time this week, and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest - I so need it right now. My therapist is only taking off one week this summer and this is the week he is gone, and so I decided because I am in therapy many days a week; I would also plan my "down time" as well around his schedule.

My youngest is out of school, my middle son is done his online schooling, and my husband is on a business trip this coming week, so it only makes sense to just clear my schedule and enjoy some much-needed relaxing time at home.

Normally I go to the beach many times during the summer (which we are doing in July for a week), but this week, I just want some time to putt around the house and just BE!

When I first began therapy I remember how disconnected I would be when my therapist took a week off in the summer or over break. I would always think he would forget our work, or he wouldn't return, or mad that he got to go away and get refreshed while I stayed in the mundane healing process.. today is different, now I pretty much want to pack his bags myself (we laughed about that this week).

I enjoy down time, and the more and more I heal and trust that down time for me is okay, I look forward to it.

My therapist talked to me Friday about staying leaned in and connected and how email and text would be good this week, but I also like the space. I need to disconnect a little so I can re-connect with myself, my support and the process.

SO.... what will I do with some of my downtime? Seeing I am not going to the ocean until July - next month, I will stay around home . I will write in my blog, read, sit by the pool with a good book and get my summer tan going. I will decorate my house the way I wanted to. I will cook on the grill with my boys, even have a picnic.... the beauty of it is, there is NO SCHEDULE.

Accepting time for myself wasn't always easy for me. This is something (believe it or not) that therapy taught me much about. My therapist has really showed me how to care for myself, how to fulfill my own needs without always working so hard. I have learned that I am worth taking some down time for myself and don't always have to be on guard to all the things around me.

Things have changed so much in the past couple of years, and I only imagine things will change so much going forward for the better.

My therapist and I are working on something pretty big in therapy right now, so I truly believe this week break is just what I need to jump into this. We all need some time off, and I only wish I knew and accepted this a long time ago.

One of my favorite things to do is writing by the pool, and so that will be on my agenda this week. The weather calls to be beautiful!

What does "down time" mean for you? what do you do when you need some time away from the every day struggles and schedules of your life?

I look forward to connecting to my blog this week.... I look forward to connecting with myself as well!