five minute friday {jump}

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Today’s Five minute Friday word is {Jump}


One of my favorite quotes that I have cut out and put in my journal is

"She took the leap and built her wings on the way down"

I am very familiar with this process, and every time I take that jump, I almost always land into something greater and bigger! Sometimes I come close to the ground before building the wings, but somehow I always manage to land softly into something greater.

Last week my therapist and I took each others hand and took a big jump into something new we have never worked on, and on the way down, I was surprised at how healing it felt. It was hard, but this was something bigger than any other jump I have taken in the past.

This past year there hasn't been any room for jumping and taking risks - things got in the way, and I found myself sitting and working through something that had no forwardness - no way out, and in the past couple of months I decided this place wasn't worth sitting at, and the only way out was to JUMP. To jump forward, get up and move, and take that risk and trust the process.

My therapist has created a safe place for me to be after such a hard year, and in the past week I found myself taking that jump once again, and I wasn't alone in that jump, I had support, love and care and what I found on the way down was something familiar - HEALING!

Healing is all about taking leaps and jumps. It's about taking risks and finding out what I am capable of; getting to know me a little more each time.

Taking the jump is the risk, building the wings on the way down is the hard work, but flying... flying is the healing, and right now I am flying!