five minute friday {friends}

393046_368050789902574_1013141864_nWelcome to Five Minute Friday .. this week's Five Minute Friday word hit way too close for home for me (painfully). The word is "what mama did" and I simply dont choose to write about that, so I went back and chose a 5 minute friday word from the list last year that I did not do, so today I chose {Friends}


One of the things my therapist tells me all the time is "you have chosen wonderful people in your life". It's true, I have a great group of friends that I chose in my life that are safe, supporting, and understanding.

Everyone of my friends that I hold in my life have a different purpose and hold something special and unique about them.

My closest dearest friend is Tracy. Tracy is a truly beautiful friend inside and out. She is fun, funny, outgoing, and so fun to talk with.

Tracy is a licensee professional therapist and she has a beautiful way of helping people to heal. She may not be my therapist, but she has really helped me along side of my healing and my therapist to move me through many hard times.

She was one of the first people I got close to down here in Georgia when I first moved down here 8 years ago. She is understanding, caring, giving, and one of the few who truly know my story inside and out. I love you Tracy, and you know I don't just give out my love to just anyone.

I have a trust issues, so those who are in my life as my friends I have really put trust in, and they are good honest wonderful people.

I have different types of friends. I have my church friends who walk along with me in my faith. Friends that I meet in church in the faith and share that wonderful bond that the church holds.

I have the friends who I grew up with who know me inside and out. I have girlfriends that I love to go shopping with and get my nails done with. Then there are the friends who offer their ears and know my heart and support me through the good, bad, sad, and the joy.

I think friends are so important to have, and I am SO incredibly blessed to have those friends in my life that I hold near and dear to my heart. Thank you for being the ears, the arms, and the voice in my life.

Thank you for being my friend.


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