focus on God

imagesToday is the first day of the Lenten Season. Lenten season being of 40 days of abstinence, fasting and penitence. I am Catholic and Lenten season is a huge time of the year for us. This is the season leading up to the death and resurrection.

My first year of Lent I went a whole 40 days without having one coffee. One year I cut off 7 inches of my hair to sacrifice something that was a part of me. Other years I have made small sacrifices in things I could change about myself.

This year I don't plan to focus on "me" taking away something from myself, but more so I am focusing on what I can do for GOD by giving to him.

I believe that when we have abstinence of something, we are still focused on ourselves to get through it. We wake up and we say to ourselves "ok, I have to work hard in going without the stuff I really enjoy for my sacrifices, how am I going to move through today by going without what I sacrificed for lent?"

How many times did I write the word I in that sentence? I dont see anything in there written about GOD and what I plan to do for him, it was about "what can I sacrifice".

This year I am doing something different for Lent, I am going to focus on what I can do for God - For him.

I have learned a lot in  therapy and through the process of healing that  "God works through us". Gods way of communication is through people.

I truly believe that 6 years ago God put me on a path with someone he knew could help me. He put me on a path in the light of his own - how can I deny or dismiss that God did something for me that is so beautiful like healing?

It's because of therapy I have come to understand God's way, and that God does love me, God does care about me, and God certainly doesn't want to see me hurt. I have learned from my therapist that God's way of communicating is through those who connect with us. It's because of therapy I am sitting here today writing about this as a proud catholic.

God put me on this path because he needed me to know that it wasn't his plan for my life to be the way it is, and I would have help to see that.

I am not going to take these 40 days and focus on what I am giving up, I am focusing on what I can do for him. I know I can't so much do something for HIM per-say, but I can do something through people to communicate back to him, in the light and love of God.

maybe I can wake up every morning and before using the word "I" .. maybe I can wake up and say "thank you God". "thanks for all that you do for me" "thank you for hearing me".

God wants to see us work through other people, through connection, because that gives back to him. Connection is GOD and when we honor connection with others - it honors him. It makes him smile that he created people in the image of him.

Maybe I will take time to do adoration. Maybe I will take an hour everyday and just talk to him, let him know I am here and I honor him. Maybe I will take the time to read about what HE went without; his sacrifices - get to know him! There is a whole book about him, and he wants us to get to know him. It's right there at our hands and we dont take enough time to learn of his sacrifices.

What I know is this - I can do without a lot of things, but I can't do without GOD!.