home for the holidays

This year for the holidays we are staying home! For the past 6 years we have taken the road trip up to New Hampshire to spend Christmas with our family, but this year we decided it was best to stay home and just enjoy the quietness.

There were many logistical reasons for staying home for the holidays, like travel, wear and tear on car, money used for traveling taking away from our Christmas etc... but we decided it would be best to enjoy Christmas in our own home, and enjoy that quiet time together.

I also needed some down time, I need some time to shut down my brain and just focus on regrouping and recharging, this has been a hard year and time at home this holiday is just what I need.

In session today my therapist and I huddled together in a prayer - he gives such beautiful prayers, and he thanked God for our work together and thanked God for putting us in each others lives. He also prayed that I would have some peace and quiet time for myself during this break, and to stay connected as well. He prayed and thanked God for the strength he gives us in the hard work we do in my healing, and hoped that I could use this time to just BE.

It was a beautiful prayer and it reminded me of how blessed I am for the people I have in my life. This has been a hard yet incredible year in my healing, and this prayer just brought everything together and had so much meaning - a great way to begin a break.

I will spend the holidays with friends and my family baking, opening gifts, eating lots of good food and enjoying each other.

I will also spend this time at home writing, watching some movies, maybe even read a book or two, and I will enjoy this much needed time off from life's schedule.

Although I will miss spending the holidays with my sister and family up north, I will very much enjoy this time off for myself and my family.

Sometimes you just need to sacrifice some things to care for yourself, and that is what I am doing this year - staying home for the holidays.