one of those moments. . . .

Today in session my therapist shared something with me and opened up about something that really made me see and understand a struggle that I have dealt with this year. It was pretty big and pretty powerful for me emotionally. I am sitting here tonight basking in the goodness that feels like a million Sunspots!!

I feel like the weight has been lifted off my heart and soul that I have been holding, and I can finally breathe in the belief that I am worthy, loved, and supported around something that has daunted me this year.

last night I wrote in my blog about going to church late at night and sitting in the sanctuary praying to God, and today was one of those moments where God showed up right when I needed him, and he showed up through my therapist and my place of healing.

I know I am speaking cryptically, but it's something personal - but know this, when life whispers, listen closely.

What my therapist opened up about was something that made this little light switch go off in my head, and it was almost like blood flowing to frost bitten fingers; it tingles at first, but then it feels good and warm.

Last night when I sat in the dark sanctuary and ask God to give me a lift as I have been struggling with my emotions, never did I think he would show up in the way he did in session today.

The puzzle pieces have come together and so does my heart, soul and mind! I was once again reminded that this year was never about me, and certainly never my fault, and I can breathe that in.

Everyone who was in my presence today after my session actually told me they saw a GLOW that they haven't seen in a long time - Eyes BIG, smile on my face, giggly and bubbly! I have tears talking about it, because this has been a DAUNTING year for me with many twists and turns and painful events.

Even my husband saw the glow, and to be honest, I think it even made my husband glow a little, as he knows what struggles have been with me throughout this whole year.

I am so blessed for my therapist and his support, care and love - for standing by my side and slowly day by day working through this like a huge knot that needed to be untied.

One of the things that has never changed in almost 6 years of working in therapy with my therapist is the great relationship we have - no matter how daunting or hard the work can be.

So although my blog is written vaguely and cryptically, just know I am happy and blessed and I am honored to share my happiness with those who care, love and support me.