much to be thankful for

This week is a week of blessings and gratitude on many levels for me. This week is Thanksgiving; a time to shut off the busyness of life and spend quality time with family, friends and enjoying good food and drinks.

I have many things to be blessed for on this holiday this year! This has been a tough year, but I am blessed that I am surrounded by endless support, love, care and connecting.

I am blessed to have a place of healing and to be working with a wonderful therapist who truly believes in me, and is for me along side of me in the struggles and the joys of my healing. I am thankful for the connection and wisdom he helps me see not just because I need it, but because I am worthy of it.

I am blessed for the little moments of hope on this path that find me even in the hardest moments. I am blessed for the connection that God has created all around me to accept even in times when I don't feel like accepting or feeling worthy enough to be loved as much as I am.

In session yesterday (Tuesday) my therapist and I talked a lot about the blessings and appreciation and how important it is to talk about the good just as much as the hard; those are the times realizing your blessings are most important.

I am so blessed that I have a voice to speak, a blog to connect with others through my writing, my truth, and new friends who I have gotten to know through my writing and this journey.

I am blessed and thankful for the strength that God gives me, even when I just don't think I have much strength to pull from.

So as I sit here tonight on the eve of Thanksgiving being surrounded by love, my boys,  friends, and connection - I am reminded just how much I am thankful this year for all that I have, and the people who I love and love me back.. I am TRULY thankful and blessed.

What are you thankful for the most this year as you celebrate thanksgiving with your family?

I hope you and your family and the ones you are connected to have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!