The "Therapy Journal"

So, my therapist and I started the "therapy journal" book that we pass back and forth between sessions during the week, and I have to say it's been pretty cool! We write notes in it of things we think about during session, or he writes something in it at the end of sessions. I take it home and write thoughts and quotes, and then I bring it back and he holds onto it and writes in it. It's pretty neat to incorporate this into our work.

One of the things that I do often is look back on old emails from a year ago on the same date to see where I was the year before at this time; to see how far I have come, obstacles I have overcome, and goals I have met.

Sometimes I feel I have gone forward, and sometimes I see things I am still struggling with, and I think this journal book is just another form of affirmation of connection and goodness in my work.

There are a lot of times that my therapist will grab a pad of paper and write down something during session that came up that was a key point of remembering, well now we have this journal book, and I think it's really neat and I am loving how this is adding to the healing work that I do - something to look at and work with.

Since I was a child writing was all I had. I had a stack of white paper, pencils and crayons and all I did was write while I was sitting in the closet. It was a survival for me to get out my thoughts onto paper and then hide them in this hole in the wall I created inside the closet so no one would find my thoughts. I think that is why I love writing so much, because it gives me a sense of security.

Writing has also been a huge part of my therapy for all these years - whether it's through emails, writing notes on paper and or texting - has always been a movement in healing for me - something I can see right in front of me that holds my thoughts and my feelings, or seeing someone else's thoughts and feelings.

I also love this idea because when I am holding onto the book, it's the option to write anything I want or need.. it's open for anything to be held - no judgement, no wonder, no questions .. it's mine to be held.

I am looking forward to what this book will hold - good, bad, hard, joyful, sad, frustrating ... whatever it holds it's a part of my healing, and someone else holds it with me.

*above are 2 photos of the journal book we started*