embracing something new

Today was a really good session. We talked about so many things that this year has brought for me, how painful this year has been for me, and how much we are moving out of that together in our work. We talked about what it looks like to move out of some of this hard stuff by bringing something new into the room; something new to wash out the negative that this year has brought.

I immediately thought about this "Journal Book" that I bought over this past weekend. I was out and about this weekend and eyed this beautiful brown journal book that had a magnectic flap on the front and and it has birds on the front, and I was drawn to it.

So I brought the journal book into my session, and of course Andy loved it and embraced it as he does everything I come forward and in with. We sat and looked at it, and talked about it. We are all about doing new and exciting things in my healing, and so we are calling it the "therapy" journal.

I wrote something in the journal book in reflection of my session yesterday and some feelings I had in my heart while writing, and I handed the book to him today, and he will write something, give it back to me, and I will write something again and we will pass it back and forth.

We will read it together at times; sometimes write something together when something good comes up in therapy, or just hold onto it. I think this is a great idea to incorporate something new into the room that is both healing and connection.

I like this idea because it brings together one's thoughts and wisdom around this healing and this work, and I am all about wisdom and thoughts.

I love reflecting on and talking about things that I want to learn more about. I am a sponge for wisdom, and that is why I love this idea of this "Therapy" journal book.

It's funny because a year ago my therapist and I joked and thought it would be cool to write a book on the emails we have reflected back and forth to each other over the years and how healing that process has been - well I think this journal book is a memoir of my hard work in therapy.

I just love this idea and we are both embracing this new step into a more positive energy vs the negative outside energy that was in the room from this year. I am ready for this new step, and I feel its a healthy move into something that is changing, yet so much the same.

I have learned over the almost 6 years that I have been in therapy that sometimes you need to change up how you work! and when we change things up, it always brings goodness and newness into my healing, and today was one of those moments for me - I look forward to seeing the journal book Friday when I go back in, and I look forward to seeing where this takes me.