grace in the yellow butterfly

I love those little moments when grace shows up through God and gives you small messages to hold onto. When I left session today, the moment I shut the door to the outside of the office, a yellow butterfly was right there on the bush aside of the door and flew right for me! I ducked and laughed at first because it kept trying to land on me.

It landed on my shoulder and sat on my shoulder from the walk to the door to the car before it flew off me - and away it went!

I got into my car and texted my therapist ans said "a yellow butterfly just landed on my shoulder from the door and stayed with me all the way to the car".. his response was something about "grace".

This reminded me of a writing that my good friend and mentor "Keith Jennings" wrote on his root notes newsletter:

It could be a word or phrase.  A person’s name. A song. Anything really. But all of sudden, out of nowhere, you start seeing or hearing something everywhere.

For me, it’s been butterflies crossing interstates and highways. No matter where I am, a butterfly sputters and spits across the road, tossed into chaos by the gust of passing cars" - Keith Jennings

When I read this I thought about how little things show up in our lives that God sends us - today it was a butterfly landing on my shoulder and sending me a message that connection is all around me.

Today was one of those harder sessions - I cried a lot of tears, felt a lot of emotions, talked through things that hurt and bothered me deep; things I am holding that I feel that I needed to give voice to, and support was there to gently remind me I was heard and supported.

My session went over the normal time, but I feel grace held that moment for me today because I needed it.

Sometimes session are filled with tears, sometimes it's filled with a celebration of movement, sometimes it's filled with goodness and grace and today was all of those moments.

When I left after session to go home, I was met with grace outside - a butterfly that found me, sat on my shoulder as a message from God reminding me that hard things that we move through turn into beautiful things.

When I got home I looked up "yellow butterfly, what does it represent" and what came up was "a yellow butterfly that follows you means gaurdian angel" and represents "a beautiful change within".

I love how God shows up in those moments like he is telling me something - it's like wiping my tears after hard emotions and letting me know this is healing and I am not alone.

I haven't stopped smiling since this moment today .. the little bits of grace that are always there around us if we pay attention to it. I feel connected to all my support, and it was through the Yellow Butterfly that reminded me of just that!