just breathe. . . .

This is one of the biggest things that I have learned in therapy is to how to "just breathe". Breathe in the goodness and breathe out the hard and let go of my center. Today in session my therapist reminded me of that again "just breathe, that is your only job is to just breathe and let me hold onto what is here".

We have really worked through some good hard things this week, and I feel really connected and open to the goodness that came out of that, and today I am breathing that in.

I feel lifted and feel as if the air I am breathing is lighter and cooler! I haven't felt this way in a while - it's been a tough couple of months for me, and it feels good to move out of some of that this week knowing that my support is just by my side every bit of the way.

My therapist is leaving town for a couple of days to do "Male Survivor" again and we talked about how to keep this really good connection together going between the two of us and the hard work we did the past couple of days, and I will also breathe that in and accept it.

I plan to clear the rest of my week and take some time to just breathe, write, read, bake, cook, spend time with my boys while my husband is out of town. Go hiking with friends at Kennesaw Mountain this weekend, and just be whatever is here in this moment of goodness that this week brought to me - not think about the work going forward, just be in the now.

I gave my therapist a big hug today just thanking him for being open and on my side. For being supportive and showing me how to breathe in the good and let out the bad, and for truly believing in me and my healing. I am so grateful for him and I told him that today. We have a lot of history together and I am where I am in this journey because of him and our hard work - I am truly blessed.

So today I breathe in the good and not think about anything else. I am connected and feel open to whatever is here around me. It's not often that I feel so good in my skin and in my soul. I know there is hardness to be done more in my healing, but today is today, and I am breathing in that goodness of today.

I hope that you all can take a moment to breathe in the goodness and just breathe in the good, breathe out the hard.