showing up

Wednesday is normally my day off from everything and anything! Every-week on Wednesday I clear my book, throw on sweats, baseball hat, and pretty much shut off my peripheral vision to anything around me to have some down time.

Like I wrote about in my blog yesterday "breaks in the path", my therapist had asked me if I wanted to come in today, just to be in connection with the hardness like I wrote of, and I agreed to come in, but I tossed and turned about it all night last night.

I woke up and I just wasn't sure if I wanted to come into therapy on my day off, but what I have learned over time is that, when God calls and makes space for doing something that shows up; it means something.

So I got up this morning and I went into session. I sat next to my therapist and said "so why am I here today?" while we both chuckled a little - and his words were "it's been a hard part of the road and I wanted to comfort that hardness".. and I broke down and cried!! and I felt lifted and free from whatever was there for some reason!

I had huge tears about things that have "resurfaced" and it felt good to not hold it! God had a different plan for me today - to SHOW UP.

Not only did I show up, but I trusted to show up that something greater was there for me; a time to open up and make room for goodness that I really didn't know was there in that moment for me, and so much truth was in that, and it felt so good to let go of that.

Like said in my blog writing yesterday, my therapist and I are working through something that has resurfaced and I feel more and more confident that this will find a moment outward and we are both anticipating this movement towards more goodness.

I am so glad I showed up today .. when I got home from session I had my "inner peace" time I needed and it felt good and needed, followed by a reminder tonight how powerful showing up really was.

God shows up in ways we cannot explain, and today was one of those moments for me.. a day that was supposed to be a day off from everything, ended up being everything after-all.