the dancing path

I am chuckling while writing this because I had promised my therapist in session today that I would put the name of today's blog "The Dancing Path". Something he came up with. So here you go, "The Dancing Path". Today was a longer session before the 4 day holiday break, and I was pretty excited going in today because of where things are in my healing right now, and how strong I am feeling.

I came in with something to read that I had written and some things to share, and it was really a great connection piece for me. It was emotional to read, hard to be with, but it was good and true.

The writing was about anger, and how I have learned to "friend" it, and understand my emotions more, and learn to get to know them more instead of pushing them away.

When I finished reading the paper, my therapist had asked me if he could give me a hug - the room was filled with joy and truth about something I have really worked hard on for YEARS - understanding my emotions more.

As we sat there in silence after what I had read about anger and emotions, he said "wanna get up and do a celebration dance?".. a burst of laughter broke that silence pretty quick! and that is where "The Dancing Path" came from, and I am still chuckling.

NO I didn't dance, but I enjoyed the piece that I read knowing that I truly have come full circle in understanding my emotions more., it truly was one of my favorite things I have written and maybe someday I will share.

The dancing path is a new way of approaching what is inside "stepping out and looking in", and like I have said, I have done that with a lot of things in my life as of lately, like working out, approaching things differently, opening up more, leaning in, refocusing some things in my life.

Before leaving session we talked about connection and also what will next Monday look like stepping into the "dancing path". I am excited to see where this path takes me going forward. I am also looking forward to the rest of this week off and working on the house, physical training, doing some writing, spending time with my boys, and organizing more of the house.

When leaving session, I didn't even get to my car yet when I got a text from my therapist saying "the dancing path" lean in, and know there is connection".. I started laughing!

This was a great session today, and I love the new me being able to come right in and speak right off the top of my heart, that is new for me, and something I really am finding to be really connecting towards myself.

I am not saying I wont have harder days, or that going forward on this new path is going to be easy, it's hard hard work, but good work that I trust, and If I trust the emotions I have inside, I trust the work being done internally.

Today I have not stopped! I have been on the go since 8am, ending the beautiful day with Dinner for my oldest Son's 20th Birthday up in Canton to celebrate.

I am blessed tonight, and we will see what tomorrow will bring.. until then I am healing towards the "The dancing Path"