five minute friday - {Dance}

Five minute Friday we bloggers write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

We set a timer, throw caution to the wind.

write for 5 minutes, no drafting, no editing – today’s word is: perspective

Start:  When I saw the Friday word {Dance}, I had a smile on my face from ear to ear, almost a chuckle actually.

This word has a meaning right now for me in therapy. The word {Dance} is written on the white erase board in my therapy room written by my therapist to remind me (celebrating in the good).

We do this funny thing when we accomplish something big in my healing, or a break through in connection.. my therapist literally will get up and do a dance and it's funny because I stand there and just watch him.. it's quit embarrassing and sometimes he will move me side to side as I stand there in complete embarrassment!

Although I am embarrassed to do a full dance of celebration for myself, deep inside when I accomplish something so big in my healing, my heart does dance! I am proud and I dance inside!

Working in therapy and healing has been such a hard and vulnerable part of my life, but yet rewarding, and I will admit there have been times I came home from a session and I would do a little dance in celebration that I pushed through something I worked SO HARD ON!

Ironic enough in my embarrassment, I am a dancer! I was in ballet for 13 years and I know how to dance - but for now, until I find the courage to "DANCE" in session in celebration of my accomplishments, I will let my therapist do it for both of us...

But my heart does dance in knowing that each day, each step, each part of my healing will always be a "dance" of celebration in my healing.


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