{building bridges not walls}

Walking into therapy over 5 years ago was one of the biggest risks I have ever taken in my life. It was one of the most vulnerable things I have ever done as well. I have spent my life behind walls. I had walls so high, I had to build new ones to look over the walls I had built since I was a child.

My therapist said to me once "your walls were so high when you first came in, I couldn't even see you". I took the risk everyday to take those walls down, and turn them towards trust.

The risks I take today are turning each wall into bridges! Allowing people to come to me, and for me to go to them - called connection.

One of the biggest things that my therapist and I constantly work with is "connection". It's been the core foundation of my healing, and every time I connect, I take risks. I turn the wall, into a bridge of connection, and it's healing for me.

My risk today is allowing myself the support, love and care from everyone around me, and not build walls to do it myself. I risk the trust, I risk the fears inside.. and more times than not the risk turns into something very healing and helps me to take a another bridge towards connection.

Today I am proud that I am able to reach out and connect anytime I need it.. some days are harder to accept than others and I build that ankle size wall, but the risk is knowing it's there, and the bigger risk is "accepting it".