the unfamiliar - meeting the familiar

This photo has been on my mind all day today, it's called "walking towards the unfamiliar" Today in session was truly about "walking towards the unfamiliar"... I took a big leap, jump, skip and run into the unfamiliar today, and what I found was "the familiar".

The unfamiliar was being with something hard that I needed to talk about, and not letting time grab it from me - the familiar? realizing how much strength I really do have.

Someday when it feels right I am going to share with you all what I have experienced and gone through in the past 2 weeks.. but for now I can only say, I truly have grasped life by the hands, pulled it in close, looked at it, and realized where I was, and what was in front of me.

I sat in session today t-minus 10 minutes before I jumped and took that leap into the unfamiliar. 50 minutes of truth, feelings and emotions - I was open to my pain, truthful about my hurt, I expressed how I felt and I was heard with love and care - and understanding. The unfamiliar meeting the familiar.

Even writing this blog today is hard. As you all know I used to write daily, but that has been hard for me given the strength I needed to heal from something else - and even though I had ALOT of support - it's something I needed to put all my strength into, and I only had strength for one thing - ME.

It feels unfamiliar to write right now, but it also feels familiar. The words are harder to pull from, but yet I feel it coming back.

I will show up again tomorrow and continue to walk into the unfamiliar to see the familiar .. it's scary yet, it's not.

The word {Dance} is written on the white board in my therapy room right now, something my therapist wrote - I smile every-time I look at it, because I know what it means.. I am just waiting - for the familiar ..