a much needed break

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a beach girl! I love the ocean and all that it has to offer! it's not so much the water I love, it's the peaceful feeling it gives me, and the sleeping in the sun with no worries! It's been a tough couple of weeks for me. I was in the hospital last weekend getting IV treatment for my heart and other things - it was nothing serious at all, but wasn't fun in the least. The new meds had me feeling awful, but I am coming around.

We got an offer to stay at the beach free for just the weekend, and my arm was pretty much twisted (NOT).. I think I had my bags packed before I even asked Tim what he thought!

My therapist and I have been working hard-core for the past couple of weeks, and as well me in the hospital. I have had WONDERUL support through this whole process, and I don't know who was more excited about me going to the beach, me or Andy.

His words to me on the phone today were "go, be, relax, enjoy, find peace, get rest, and do this for you, you so deserve this - when you get back, I will be here and we will continue to work on this huge movement we have found".

You know - I found peace in those words - it felt comforting and I really felt as if I could do this for me.

Yesterday in session my therapist wrote on the white board in his office "DANCE".. when I get back, we will dance in celebration that not only did I give myself rest, but a celebration that I am on a new path towards wholeness that I found in the past couple of weeks.... it will serve as a reminder of what I will walk into next week when I get back. (it's a funny dance thing we do when we accomplish something) .. FUN GOOFY and EMBARRASSING - but celebrating

So I leave Friday and come back Sunday night.. just enough time to get away and be! As you all know me well, I will probably blog about it at night while I am cooling off my suntan, and posting photos of the most amazing thing that God has created - THE OCEAN!

I do have to say, this will be my first time going to the beach without my oldest son Chris.. I am a little sad about that as I love all my kids with me when we go away.. but this trip is for me, and I need to remember that. My wonderful husband, Nathan and Ryan will keep me plenty soul-filled.

So be on the look-out for some great photos, and updates.. I wish I had a FORWARD button on life so I can be there already.

I am doing something a little different and using this as my FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY by GYPSY MAMA today! the word is PERSPECTIVE.. what has come into perspective for me is knowing I need to take some time out for me after a rough week. God is wonderful like that ..

I am linking up with 5 Minute Friday