my new { healing hope } box

As promised, I said I would post new photos of my new healing hope box, and I am thinking about giving away the other box as a gift on my blog - stay tuned for that. Here is the 1st photo.. this is a look at the front of the box. Reflecting and Writing is a huge part of my healing and connection outside of therapy. The top says "truth" and under the cover says "within" which means truth within the box (where my hopes on paper are put in there)

On the top is also says "finding hope for the Journey 2 heal".. Wisdom is a word my therapist taught me to use in my healing. the work "BE" is something I use a lot .. just "be" whoever you are inside".

This 2nd photo is the front, and it's says "I am a survivor" .. grace of course is Gods Grace. the number 5 stands for 5 years ago starting this journey. My Thoughts is an inside thing, and TT10 is a thing between me and my therapist, it's something we have used for almost the whole 5 years, actually Andy came up with that.

  This 3rd photo is actually some key point healing words and things that I use a lot in therapy.. the "bueno is actually a joke.. it means "good" in french. Sunspot is the story of God from my childhood. The Tree's is a part of my story as well, as well as the photo that is hung up in my sessions for my healing focal points, I love the photo of the tree's. Connection is a huge part of my healing and path today.. I have learned to really connect with not only myself, but my support, God and all those around me. Goodness stands for what I look for in my life.. goodness and Grace.

the 4th photo you can see the inside, it actually has my name in it.. with some hope words.. the top goes on to cover. It's a great healing box to put things in, that you want to look at later in life to see how far you have come. On the sides are charms and one of them says "your the best" .. another inside thing in therapy and the other one says "just for you".. this box is just for me and my healing - a gift to myself, and also to the room and my support as well.

This is my 3rd box I have made now .. each time it gets more and more creative, with more creative meaningful words, and if you think about it, that is the path of my healing. The more and more further along the journey, the more clearer it becomes. The words hold more meaning, and there is more to look at.

So here is my new healing box. My therapist loved it so much he wouldn't put it down! It now sits in the place of my old one, with my timeline under it, awaiting my path to be walked on.

I am very much looking forward to the new path I feel is there for me ... I have found a lot of connection and courage, and grace going forward in some hard time, but I am surrounded by love, care and support through everyone, and this is the result of that - a movement forward in another part of my journey.

I look forward to seeing what goes inside the box.. and what a great start Friday by opening up about something so deep and dark.. a new path to my journey that leads me to being WHOLE.