Five Minute Friday {Plan}

301c78c2fd8d8efdeef2011a8bbb9160Welcome to Five Minute Friday to where us bloggers are given a word prompt and write for just 5 minutes simply for the joy of writing. No editing or backtracking. No need to be perfect. Just words freely flowing from my heart to yours. Set the timer and write away! Stop at the 5 minute mark no matter where you are!

Today’s Five minute Friday word is {PLAN}

One of the things I have struggled with the most is letting go of what it is I want vs what it is God has in plan for me.

I am the type of person that likes to have a plan of action right in front of me. I want to know what to do in all the "what if's" . . . if this happens, then I will do this, and if that happens, then what? what should I do next?

Although sometimes this can be helpful, I have noticed that when I let myself just "be" with the moment in what is going on, work with the moment, move through the moment - it happens for that very moment.

I have learned the hard way that sometimes having a plan is setting myself up for failure and possible disappointment and hurt.

Just recently I have changed how I move through harder moments or even unknown moments. I take one step at a time in front of me, and let God have the plan for me. I allow God to be in charge, and my only job is to "be" and "accept" the moment for what it is.

I am not saying not planning anything out is the answer, you need a plan in life, but it's those moments that you try and change the direction out of "vulnerability" or "comfortableness", I have learned to accept those moments and allow myself to be vulnerable and yes sometimes uncomfortable.

I have noticed a change the past month or so, now that I am not planning everything out according to what would be "easier" or more to "my plan" .. letting God take the wheel sometimes and accepting what is here has made me realize that healing is not only found in the ways we move through things, its found in the ways we struggle through those moments - its where we gain the most strength.

Allow yourself to just BE and allow God to show you what it is he has in plan for you - Accept it, embrace it, even the hard parts.