It {Begins with God}

7c2371eefe65fc8932ca2a141bef8c1aI am linking up with "Three Word Wednesday" today, and I am choosing "Begins with God" as the three words that really resonate with me today. Today, about 2 hours ago, I took a step that I haven't been able to take in over a year, I went to confession at church and did penance. I went to church and embraced my faith and really took a step towards God again.

I was never away from God, I was more so away from myself, and when we are away from ourselves we sometimes distance ourselves from God and all those who love us.

Like I wrote about last week, I have been isolated from people and things in my life for about a year ... being away from church has been the hardest of the isolation, because I know how much the church and being in my faith and around those in my faith makes me happy.

Today I took that step towards God and my faith, and not only did I take a step, but I confessed and put myself out there in front of God .. it was such a big step for me today. It felt amazing to be in that place that makes me feel whole.

I know that God is everywhere... God is sitting with me right in this moment as I write this, but something about going to church and putting everything else away in my life to be in his presence is such a big big thing for me.

SO much of our days are filled up with busyness and computers, and phones and phone calls, and errands and kids .. we never stop to really take time out with God.. this was always my way to take time out for God and to really allow myself to "HEAR" him. It's so important and today I really got how important that was to me.

A year has been a long long time for me.. but so hasn't the isolation I have been through ... I have gone through tough times.

My therapist and I talked about that a lot today and we both wondered what would come first? me taking a step out of the isolation, or finding a way to feel worthy first .. well, today, I realized, it begins with GOD .. the first step is always with our creator, because he knows our heart the most.