it's time to {begin}

opeleanorThis quote is going to be my "Mantra" for the new year! "You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."

It's not a maybe, it's not a wish, or a pondering, this year is about doing the very things which I think I cannot do and move through.

My therapist said to me Tuesday before New Years he said "Monday we come back to a new year and we "begin" and then he paused and corrected himself and said  "in fact we continue the good work we do and have always done" he said.

I think he was right the first time, we BEGIN! Yes we continue the good good work that we have always done, but we begin with a-new.

We begin a new kind of connection, we begin by pushing aside the negative that has gotten in the way too many times to count, and look towards the things that matter most.

I begin taking steps back into the very things I took steps away from! I begin doing things I think I cannot do, and do them anyways - even if I fall short or fail.

I have never been more ready than I am now - not only because it's a new year, but because this part of my journey feels different - I feel different, the process feels different. This is a new year, but the changes have already begun and I am so excited and happy to see what more comes out of this new part of my journey.

Not only are things beginning to turn towards good in my healing journey, but also in my personal life here at home! We have had a very tough year with many things that have challenged us financially and emotionally and some things physically ... but things are taking a great turn and I am truly excited for things to come.

This year I am going to challenge myself to do things I feel I cannot do  - face it, challenge it, work through it and try and over-come it! no matter what the outcome, its going to be a year of pushing through the very things that tell me "no" and say "yes".

I am no longer looking back on 2014 and the way it served me a hard horrible year .. I am no longer looking back onto things that no longer serve me a purpose to even think about. NO MORE giving negative things my energy anymore.. it's not worth it.

I hope that all my readers also look towards the new year with something new to walk towards! I hope that each of you can look at the very things that tell you NO and turn them into a YES! even if you fail or fall short, it's about moving towards it and doing it anyways no matter what!

Happy New Years ... I hope that this new year brings you all the things you hope for and hopefully move towards!

What are your hopes for the new year? what will you try and move towards?