31 days of reflection {day 31} writing for 31 days

laptopHere we are, on day 31! I have done the whole 31 days of writing challenge and I have to say it came with it's blessings and it came with it's struggles - but I loved every part of it. It's not easy to force yourself to think deep within every day! I am the type of writer that really writes from the heart, and when I write a blog, it really comes from a place within.

It's not forced, or it's not pre-thought of. There is no time limitation or expectation - my writing is just my writing and this challenge really did challenge me to the very end.

I was a step behind every way. I was a day behind till day 30 when I finally caught up, and believe it or not, day 30 was one of the best blog writes I have ever written, and that tells me something.

Doing this 31 days challenge strengthened me in places I didn't expect! It conditioned my way of thinking in a whole new way and for that I am really excited for what is ahead for my blog.

I almost gave up 2 weeks in, but I kept going! There are many times in my healing and in my writing I have wanted to give up when it got really hard, but hope and perseverance always showed up right when I needed; just as it showed up through my writing these past 31 days.

I have met some incredible people along the way on this challenge. I have a lot of reading to do now because in the midst of the writing, it was hard to make time to read all those great blogs out there. I met some wonderful new friends, and I have met some people who like me are on a healing path.

I am going to miss the challenge of going deep within and seeing what God helps me to pull out. I am really going to miss that part of it, but now that this challenge is over, it will give me more time to re-focus on the different things I want to write about going forward.

I am proud of all the writers in this challenge! Thousands and Thousands of blog writers out there have really walked the path for 31 days like me and I am proud to be a part of that.

It's been a wisdom filled, hopeful, hard and empowering 31 days of writing, and I can't wait to do it again next October!