31 days of reflection {day 23} dare to write

rsz_writers-block*I am also using this as the Five Minute Friday word Dare* It's now day "23" on the 31 days of writing challenge, and I am brain fried from so many words and thoughts!

I didn't realize how hard this was going to be, but somehow I have kept plugging away at it because I want to complete something that is a challenge.

I feel like this was life's dare to do something different! I have a tight schedule and writing for 31 days certainly is and has been a challenge.

I have already been behind the writing days 3 times, and almost gave up at least twice, but something has kept me going. . . and here I am, day 23 and I am still connecting and finding ways to put my thoughts out to my writing.

I feared that this 31 day challenge would take away from the theme and feel of my blog.

I began to notice that my regulars are not reading as much because I am posting every single day vs. the once a week I was writing, and I can't say I don't blame them; as I don't even have time to read others blogs every day.

I started to wonder if this was the right choice and maybe I am doing my blog more harm than good.

I got ready to tell everyone that I was going to throw in the towel - that maybe this wasn't for me . . . . but then, I started to meet new people from all walks of thinking. People began stopping at my blog who knew nothing of my healing and began becoming interesting.

It's been an amazing journey even though writing every day has had it's challenges.

This 31 days of reflection has dared me to do something very different and that is to give up a little of my busy day to stretch myself into more wisdom and more connection with others and that is beauty of this challenge.

8 more days and I will have reached the milestone of this amazing hard crazy every day challenge! I can't wait to finish and say "I did it and I met some great people along this path of writing".

How is the 31 day challenge daring you to be? Have you thought of giving up when it got too hard?

Keep connecting... keep writing ... keep daring to be different!