31 days of reflection {day 18} wounds that heal

37125bdadddb7697e648a41a82c8e094We all have been wounded at one time or another in our lives. Whether it was by another person, or by a situation to which we had no control over the woundedness done to us.

Everyone has felt hurt by something or someone in their life. Some have deep wounds that are so deep and painful that it takes us away from who we really are within.

I have many many wounds; wounds that began as early as a child, a child as little as 4 years old to be honest.

I have been hurt, I have been wounded, I have been abused and my wounds are both physical seen, and emotionally unseen. I have a lot of painful wounds.

I have so many wounds that are in the process of healing every day - it's painful and raw and sometimes unbearable - but it's healing. Every day these wounds are healing.

I love the quote "the wound is the place where the light enters you" . . . I believe in that quote, I believe light shines in the wounds that bind us. I believe every wound has a chance of healing, we just need to let the light in.

Sadly, no matter how much healing happens through light that enters us, wounds are never forgotten. Wounds heal so that we can manage what they have done to us - but they never go away. Whether its an open wound or a scar, its always going to be there - but its about how we see it - changes us.

Sadly, we will always be reminded of what the healed wounds mean, and even sometimes we may have those same feelings again and again, but each time the wound heals stronger and stronger, and it gets a little easier with each time we go back and heal that wound again.

A part of my healing journey has been about just that; healing wounds as many times as its needed until it hurts less and lessĀ  - until it shows me what I need to know.

Each time I go back to an old wound, I learn something else about that wound that needed a little more healing, and I am learning that more and more I have the courage to face the wounds I thought were healed.

Much to my surprise, only through the healing do we let the wound be seen even more.

It's a process ... a process called healing.

I have noticed something huge in the past couple of months ... the wounds I look back on that I faced years ago, months ago, are getting easier and easier to face! I look into the wound a little differently and it hurts, but somehow its easier to heal and be with.

I finally understand the process of healing - its not to be rushed, it's to be honored.