31 days of reflection {days 13 & 14} making a decision

Woman-writing-letter-on-t-001I am a couple of days behind on the 31 day writing challenge, and I wasn't sure if I was going to continue the journey of this 31 days - until now. I struggled with this writing challenge come day 5 and I wondered if this was something I wanted to continue. I wasn't sure if it was doing my writing and blog good, or if it was doing my writing and my blog harm.

I write from the heart, from deep within! I write as a part of my healing journey, and when I write, it comes from a small spark inside of me that wants me to use my voice.

This writing challenge feels or felt forced; like I was writing just to write to meet the needs of the challenge. I began to think that people would not read my blog anymore because of all the posts - its a bit overwhelming to write all these posts never mind my regulars sitting to read them.

I created this blog so that I could connect with others on a higher level of knowing that your not alone if you go through the things I am going through, and I built a nice safe haven for just that. Since the writing challenge I feel I may have lost that edge of why I am writing.

So I did some thinking. I really dug deep within and asked God what I should do. I decided I am going to continue this writing challenge because this writing challenge could help me to find things outside of the healing box I write about. There may be a great reason why I am struggling to keep up with this challenge and I want to figure it out.

With that being said, I am going to continue to push to the 31 days and see if God helps me to find something I am not seeing, and maybe it will find a way out through my writing.

I don't want to lost touch with my reason for being open and using my voice to write, but at the same time I want o learn to explore other ways of writing in this challenge as well and see where it takes me.

Now that I have finally sat with it and prayed about it, I feel more confident about spreading my wings a little and being a part of this challenge to the finish line! I look forward to what God brings out in me through the rest of this month in my writing.