Tuesday at Ten {Gather}

family tree image from cover of 2013 AR Welcome to Tuesday at Ten! The Tuesday night blog Link up where you have 24 hours to use the prompt word to your liking! Whether it be just writing a story behind the prompt word, or being as creative as you wish using photos, poems, art, or graphics - whichever creative way you choose.

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Remember  - it's not about being perfect, it's about being YOU.

Tonight's Prompt word is {GATHER}

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---Start ---

I chose the word Gather because what better word to start this than a word bringing people together in connection?

I am a huge believer in "connection". That is why I chose to start a "Link Up" of my own. I wanted to gather writers together and have a place to where people could write and be as creative as they wanted using a though-provoking word that can either be easy for us, or challenging.

My main goal for writing and creating my blog 5 years ago was to not only write for myself as a release and outlet, but it was also to connect with other people, and show others that having a voice was important and accepted.

Coming from a childhood where my only connection was with God and the very few who I let into my life, connection was not something I trusted or even understood. Today I have learned a lot about what connection means and what that looks like to be in connection with others; which also helps a connection to self.

I truly believe that God created us to be in connection with each other; that he gathers us together and we are all walking the same path together at times.

That is why I write! I write to connect, and this new linkup was another part of that direction that I feel God spoke through me to create yet another way for people to gather together and be in connection.

What does this word mean to you in your life? How do you see this word in your life?

- Karen

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