a new kind of connection

10382062_810791038961878_5545034511191840181_oI am excited to share with you all the new "connection" I am bringing to this blog every "Tuesday Night". I have decided to start my own "Blog Link Up, and I am excited to share this with you all, and hopefully to bring you all in to be a part of it.

I am the admin for the "Five Minute Friday" Facebook page and help out over there every Friday for the linkup .... I was inspired years ago to start my own, but didn't know when I would do it.

Tuesday at Ten otherwise known as "T T" has a lot of meaning for me. "Tuesday at 10 for Two hours" has been the day and time of my healing in therapy now for 7 years and this has a lot of meaning for me on so many levels. This has defined my healing in so many ways and what better than to bring it into a connection of writing called "Tuesday at Ten" ..

Every Tuesday evening at 10pm Eastern time I am going to post a "Prompt Word" right here on my blog and there will be a link-up at the bottom of the page. The prompt word will be the word you "write" about on your blog and then link up here so others can see your writing.

There is more to this, a possible prize and or gift at the end of the month for "blog writers" .. Check out the "Tuesday at Ten" page for more details on how this works

Tuesday at Ten - Click Here

I am pretty nervous about starting this because it's "new" and I want it to be fun and successful! I know the first couple of weeks will be trial and error and hopefully over-time we will build a good amount of people who will become a part of this.

IT will begin this Tuesday the 19th at 10pm .. I will post the prompt word that you will write about. No time limit to the writing, just your creativeness using photos, or writing or anything you want to express the prompt word.

I am truly excited about this!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me karen.courcy@yahoo.com and I will help you with the steps if you don't understand.

As you all know, connection has been a huge part of my writing and who I am. The more connection we create, the more our voice through our writing is heard and seen! I love to meet new people and I think that is one of the things I look forward to in creating this "link up"..

See you on Tuesday for the Link Up!

- Karen