Five Minute Friday {Hands}

GODSHANDSWelcome to Five Minute Friday to where us bloggers are given a word prompt and write for just 5 minutes simply for the joy of writing. No editing or backtracking. No need to be perfect. Just words freely flowing from my heart to yours. Set the timer and write away! Stop at the 5 minute mark no matter where you are!

Today’s Five minute Friday word is {HANDS}


I have always hated the phrase "just hand it over to God" .. because I dont believe God wants us to hand over all our struggles to him.  A part of being who we are is about facing the challenges in life and finding the connection around us to learn through and from.

I have always been a firm believer that God puts people and things in our lives to grow from, to work through the trivial and sometimes pain parts of our lives, so when someone says "Just hand it all over to God" .. no that's not what God would want, God wants us to work with him, and to believe in his presence and his power of love and goodness.

This week, I struggled with something, 1 thing in particular that just had me frustrated, and I found this struggle to have me in tears because its something that has been a problem in my life now for about 2 years.

Yesterday as I was laying on the couch thinking about it, I saw the tree's swaying back and forth and this calm came over me from rolling tears that I felt of anger and sadness inside around something I have been struggling with for some time now.

I then said "God, I am handing this one over to you. I want you to hold this and stand in front of me so that I can turn away from it and heal the way I need to heal"... and it was in that moment a calm came over me.

The moment I realized that God had this, I had this feeling like a newness inside me.. empowerment to fight forward and grasp onto something new to move through this situation that has bothered me so much for 2 years. I handed it over to God and the past couple of days have been liberating for me.

I told my therapist all about it in my email that I am sending Sunday after this week break is over, and I cannot wait to bring this newness into the room of my healing. It feels different.. it feels empowering.. it feels light as if the world lifted off my shoulders and I have come to this new understanding.

This thing I am struggling with has been something that has really feared me for 2 years now; a trigger that has been with me for quite some time now. I finally was able to let God hold onto this knowing that "just because I am letting him hold it, doesn't mean I dismiss all feelings around it". This just means I can get out of my head and into the healing that needs to be done around this. I am allowing God to give me strength in my heart, but not do the work FOR ME.

This is now about just handing it over to god in his hands and letting him do all the work to make it better, this is about allowing him so embrace me through it and watch over me while I get to a place where I can heal this pain I feel inside.

I am really looking forward to seeing where this new feeling of empowerment and grace will take me next when I return back to my healing space Monday. I look forward to sharing this experiencing in the very room that has heard about this struggle for 2 years now. I look forward to bringing this energy into that space and seeing what wounds it can heal in the very place it is seen the most. I look forward to inviting God into my space of healing and embracing this along side of me.

I am thankful for Gods Hands to help guide me, not do it for me, but guide me!