words with meaning

c5ad98de23b211e382b422000a1f9ab7_7Last weekend for my birthday my good Friend Tina took me to "Ink Farm Tattoo" to get the tattoo on my wrist that I have been wanting to get for so long. Saltare is Latin for "Dance". The word dance has many many meanings to me. I was in dance for 13 years from 4 years old, all the way up till I was 16 years old. I was a Ballet, Tap and Jazz dancer!

There is another side to what Dance means to me, dance also means healing for me. My therapist and I use the word "Dance" a lot in therapy! He always says to me "we are going down the dancing path" .. and for me that holds so much meaning.

The word "Dance" is written a lot in the therapy room. On the white board, on the chalkboard Mug .. it's a reminder that no matter how hard things are, there is always movement. There will be celebrations of the good in the hard.

We have or should I say "my therapist" has gotten up and danced many times when I have moved through something hard. He is waiting for the day I dance in therapy with him in celebration.. someday I will find the courage to.

I love Latin because Latin is a huge part of my Catholic Religion. It only made sense to use the word "Dance" in Latin and that is "Saltare" ... beautiful word, with many many meanings for me.

I never thought I would be the type of person to get a tattoo. This is my 2nd tattoo, I have one on the neck in chinese symbols that says "Faith Courage Wisdom"  I got this 3 years ago.. also words with meaning for me. d70bf76623b611e38db822000a1f9720_7

Faith to trust the movement, courage to move through it and the wisdom I learn along the way. that's what this tattoo means.

Words have been a part of my life since i was 5 years old. The moment I started to write I found comfort in words so it only makes sense I would find so much meaning to represent in my life.

I will look down at my wrist and be reminded every day that "no matter what I am going through, there is always a moment to dance and move out of it". It will remind me of what a great dancer I was and how that was my only outlet as a child in between the bouts of abuse.

Words are wonderful, and I live by them everyday. That is why I am a writer and I write.

This was the best Birthday Gift I could have gotten ... I love this constant reminder.