a shared connection

WP_20130814_001I am coming up on a small week break from therapy as my therapist goes and does his "Male Survivor Weekend" and I am getting ready to move into a new house (same town, just different more private location). Today in session my therapist and I had a beautiful, connecting, powerful, open conversation about the hard healing work in the past week, the past month, the past year, the whole ordeal last year and so on.

I did some hard work in therapy yesterday that brought that all together and that was some big work; healing work that was painful yet good and needed.

Sometimes when coming up on a break I tend to break off into my own form of disconnection. This is something I do in my life everywhere an I am learning how to get better at that.

My therapist is so creative and funny - today in our session he said "I have an idea, even though we can stay connected, how about a physical connection so that you wont lose and be reminded of the hard work we did this week, how about we both write words on a paper and we split the paper in half. I will take one side, you take the other side and we tape them back together when the week is over".

I don't know where he gets his idea's from, and I chuckled a little, but it was a great idea, and we had fun doing it. We laughed and he threw paper around, and we got serious as well.

We sat together with colored pencils, and he wrote out two words that were spaced, and I wrote two words that were spaced, and we kept taking turns until we got to the end of the paper. He started first - and the words are:

Smiling Heart - meaning his heart is smiling that there was a good breakthrough in the work yesterday

Being Blessed - meaning, I am blessed for him and the support around me.

For Connection: meaning, our work together has always been about connection, connection wins and heals all.

New Trust: Finding a new kind of trust in the healing work is such a healing things moving forward onto the next part of my path.

Not-To Forget: meaning, not to forget all the hard work we have done, and the good work we still have going forward.

Holding Goodness: meaning, Goodness is a word I use a lot, goodness means, you hold onto the good, and push out the bad.

Healing Path: meaning, this is the good path, the healing path, and not to forget the path we are on together.

The photo above shows the half I have with his written name on it, and he has the other half with my name on it. He is taking it with him to Utah, and I am making sure mine is in sight everyday as a blessed reminder of all that is good in front of me.

This has been a tough year for me, and I am excited about the things to come.

- Finding a new home that fits our family better but staying in the same town of which we love.

- I begin training for CASA in September (Child Appointed Special Advocate).

- We have great new plans in therapy for the next part of this healing path that is going to really be helpful on many levels that need caring and wound closing.

So I call this post "A Shared Connection". No matter what small break, what happens day-to-day, I always have the great connection in front of me, and someone else who always holds another side to my healing and my thoughts.

Yes at first I was chuckling a little when my therapist wanted to do this shared connection on paper, but then when we did it, there was something special happening in that room and it was beautiful.

Because this blog is about writing about my healing process and journey in therapy, I have said it many times, but I am going to say it again. I am blessed for my therapist. There is no one quite like him. God created him as a healer, and God put him in my life for a reason. God has picked many special people in my life, and in this part of my life; for all that I have been through in my life, God has a plan, and this is one plan I am so grateful for.

SO.. this week break is going to be great! I am hoping to get into the new home this weekend. I Will be busy packing and finding some time to also stop and take a breath and remind myself to not disconnect from the shared connection - because when you have connection, that is where the healing is.